The Lasting Legacy of Scholarships

Paul Casey, a longtime supporter of Lewis &  Clark Law School, has made it possible for dozens of students to attend law school.

Credit: Illustration by Bea Crespo

Paul Casey, a longtime supporter of Lewis & Clark Law School, has made it possible for dozens of students to attend law school.

This past May, Dean Jennifer Johnson joined President Wim Wiewel in conferring an honorary degree on Casey, recognizing him for providing multiple student scholarships, as well as for his support for the Henry J. Casey Professorship, which is named in honor of his father.

The Casey Scholarships have touched the lives of many Lewis  &  Clark law students, including these alumni:

Paul Casey Paul Casey Credit: Nina JohnsonJessica Atkinson ’16
Staff Attorney, Smarsh Inc.

Chris L. Babich ’07
Partner, Senescu and Babich, PLLC

Elizabeth Brodeen ’08
Litigation Associate, Kennedy and Graven

Liv Brumfield ’13
Field Representative, Office of U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer BA ’70, JD ’76

Jerry Carleton ’07
Founder and Principal, Immix Law Group

Kevin S. Crosman ’17
Associate, Stoel Rives LLP, Business Technology and Intellectual Property Group

Jason Davis ’07
Legal Counsel, Oregon Health & Science University

Martha Klein Izenson ’17
Staff Attorney, Native American Program, Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Shems Jud ’06
Pacific Regional Director, U.S. Oceans Program

Dan Knowlton ’15
Associate Attorney, Eberle, Berlin, Kading, Turnbow & McKlveen, Chartered

Debra Maryanov ’11
Supervising Attorney, Office of Policy and Education, Office of the State Court Administrator, Oregon Judicial Department

Kathryn McNeill ’14
Staff Attorney, Oregon Law Center

Jessica Minifie ’06
Senior Deputy Legislative Counsel, Oregon Legislature

Lindsey M. O’Neill ’17
Immigration Attorney, MacMurray & Associates

Juliann Peebles ’16
Attorney Advisor, Portland Immigration Court, Executive Office for Immigration Review, U.S. Department of Justice

Logan Perkins ’12
Sole Practitioner, Indigent Defense Attorney

Meredith Price BA ’07, JD ’13
Senior Counsel, Intel Corporation, Sales and Marketing Legal Group

Stephen Raher ’09
Law Clerk to Judge Trish M. Brown, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon

Ethan Samson ’07
Private Markets Counsel and Private Markets Consultant, Meketa Investment Group

Marc C. Sanchez ’10
Founder and Attorney, FDA Atty
Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University

Nathan Sramek ’12
Assistant County Attorney,Civil Litigation, Multnomah County

Joelle Tavan ’08
Senior Counsel, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP

Etta Tron (formerly Jeanette P. Lockey) ’11
Vice President of Regulation, PacifiCorp

The Henry J. Casey Professionship is held by Lydia Loren.

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