Lewis & Clark Law School Launches Animal Law Litigation Clinic

The Animal Law Litigation Clinic (ALLC), focusing on farmed animals, opened this fall at Lewis &  Clark Law School.

The Animal Law Litigation Clinic (ALLC), focusing on farmed animals, opened this fall at Lewis & Clark Law School. It is the first clinic in the United States that concentrates specifically on animal law litigation, and the second clinic at Lewis & Clark devoted to animal law.

ALLC is headed by noted animal law attorney Delcianna Winders, a leader in the field. She previously served as deputy general counsel and vice president for the PETA Foundation and director of legal campaigns for Farm Sanctuary. (See page 37.)

Winders noted that 98 percent of human-animal interactions are with farmed animals, as compared to animals used for research, in entertainment, to make clothing, and for companionship.

“Farmed animals are in dire need of litigation on their behalf,” said Winders. “They make up the largest number of animals that we interact with, are often subjected to outrageously horrific conditions, and yet have the fewest legal protections of any animals.”

Through cutting-edge lawsuits, ALLC will advocate in the courtroom to establish and expand legal protections and legal rights for farmed animals.

Winders explained that the clinic will choose cases that will both maximize student learning opportunities and stand to make the most change for farmed animals.

“We will evaluate cases of egregious practices of institutional exploitation, individual neglect and abuse, and zoonotic threats (diseases transmitted from animals to humans) created by intensive confinement of animals, as well as consumer protection issues and authorities who abrogate their responsibilities to protect animals under the law.”

Students will be involved in every aspect of litigation, including appearing in court on behalf of animals.