Realizing Dreams: Supporting Students

Students are at the heart of Lewis & Clark. Read about the impact of the Roosevelt Robinson Scholarship from an interview of scholarship recipients who are now successful alumni, plus students who received awards in 2020 and more.

They come to us full of dreams of becoming an attorney, being a change-maker, contributing to their community, supporting their families—in short, making a difference with their knowledge, grit, and dedication.

For most students, fulfilling those dreams is a daunting prospect, not just because of the mental challenge presented by law school, but also because of the financial obligation it involves. These obstacles can seem insurmountable.

Scholarships offer pathways through those barriers. Not only does a scholarship provide financial relief, it also sends a vote of confidence to its recipient. Both student and donor benefit. Donors witness their direct and immediate impact on a future leader. Students see that others believe in their worth and are willing to make a material contribution to their success.

Throughout this issue, as we highlight the achievements of students and alumni, we note the named scholarships that helped make those law school journeys possible, with this image.

Supporting Students

Fall-2021, Supporting Students
Judge Roosevelt Robinson at a 2004 reception celebrating the scholarship in his honor.

The Enduring Impact of the Roosevelt Robinson Minority Scholarship

As a community leader, former prosecutor, respected judge, and beloved friend, the Honorable Roosevelt Robinson ’76 touched the lives of many and set a sterling example of legal professionalism in public service.
Fall-2021, Student Achievements, Supporting Students

Points of Pride

Students received one or more of the following scholarships and grants: The Dean’s Scholarship, Andrea Redding Scholarship, Brooks Institute Scholarships in Animal Law, Discovery Grant, Harpole Scholarship, Roosevelt Robinson Minority Scholarship Jane Wiener Scholarship Fund, Trillium Grant and the Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust Annual Scholarship - Law.
Fall-2021, Supporting Students
Mike Sargetakis '17, Outstanding Mentor Award recipient

2021 Mentor/ Mentee Awards

Alumni and their colleagues have played a major role in supporting law students through the long tradition of pairing students with attorney mentors based on shared interests and backgrounds.
Fall-2021, Supporting Students


COVID restrictions, continued beyond original expectations, derailed planning for the 2020 commencement. The virtual celebration for 2021 grads featured U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer BA ’70, JD ’76, and top graduate Michael Benjamin Smith ’21.
Fall-2021, Supporting Students

Judges Reflect at Martin Luther King Jr. Event

Judge Ulanda Watkins ’96 (Clackamas County), Judge Ray Crutchley ’99 (Deschutes County), and Judge Patricia McGuire ’95 (Multnomah County) served on a virtual panel in honor of the school’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture.
Fall-2021, Supporting Students

Supporting Public Interest Students

The 30th Annual Public Interest Law Project (PILP) Auction, which was held in February 2021, raised over $63,000.