February 17, 2021

Training & Support

  • NCVLI 2020 Annual Report - Training & Support

Training and Support: NCVLI equipped the community with the knowledge, skills & resources to ensure each victim can assert their rights.

NCVLI trains nationwide on the meaning, scope, and enforceability of victims’ rights through practical skills courses, online webinars, and teleconferences. We also host the only conference in the country focused on victim law. To secure a place for victims as participants with a legally recognized voice requires cultural change. This is because the traditional paradigm of a two-party system is entrenched in the training of prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and law students, and reverberates in popular culture. To change this, NCVLI conducts systemwide education on the meaning, scope, and enforceability of victims’ rights.

Resources:  NCVLI made accessible nearly 500 online victims’ rights publications, sample pleadings, national surveys and legal memoranda in the Victim Law Library and at www.NAVRA.org.

Trainings:  NCVLI trained more than 2,500 people by hosting more than 60 trainings in 10 states and online.

“Without NCVLI’s assistance, I would be shuffling around in the dark trying to determine what I can do. Because of NCVLI’s concrete pointers and vast resources available online, I have been able to gain confidence in this practice area…” - EJW Fellow


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