April 22, 2022

Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc. - Client Profile

Founded in 1997 by Hoa and Linda Lam, the family-owned Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc. has been in operation for over 20 years. When Hoa and Linda retired in 2018, they passed down their business to their son, Anthony Lam, and his partner, Nancy Le. Starting a new chapter for an inherited business is no small feat, especially when faced with the challenges and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the tools Nancy and Anthony utilized to navigate those challenges was their website and online presence. Their website provides clients with all their available services accompanied by pictures and customer reviews of their work. Nancy notes that “people can see the great work we do through pictures.” And for certain, this allowed Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc. to receive many new clients and stay connected with previous ones. Professional Auto body & Paint Inc currently has two trusted employees who do wonderful work on clients’ cars allowing Nancy and Anthony to focus on the administrative and operational management side of the business.


Since most of Nancy and Anthony’s experience running the shop has been during the Covid-19 pandemic, which was not ideal, it challenged them in ways they had not anticipated. When stay-home mandates and restrictions were enforced, their business suffered greatly since auto repair services became infrequent. Nancy recalled, “We had to lay off all of our employees including myself and my partner.” It was a difficult time but they persevered. Today, business is picking up again and they have been able to regain business. Nancy and Anthony are truly thankful to be able to be in full operation again.


Even in the face of hardships, Nancy and Anthony found themselves deeply connected in their communities. Many organizations and spaces provided them with help throughout the business’ recovery process. Nancy feels that the connections they made during this difficult time will grow for years to come. She loved how “the community came together to support each other.” Included in this community is the Small Business Legal Clinic and we are truly thankful that we were able to support her and Anthony in navigating the legal system. We look forward to their continued growth!