April 22, 2022

Sinister Coffee & Creamery, LLC - Client Profile

Sinister Coffee & Creamery, LLC is an online business with a spooky theme selling coffee beans and ice cream. Kelly and Michelle Kaliher began their business in 2018, making “paranormal-themed coffees [that] are small batch roasted to ensure your experience delivers spooky good flavors with every brew.” While Sinister Coffee & Creamery is mostly conducted online, you can find them at the PSU Saturday Farmers’ Market. They were able to secure a booth at the farmers’ market after only a year of operations, which is a remarkable feat since many businesses are only accepted at the market after 5 years of operation.

As paranormal investigators with a love for coffee and ice cream, Kelly and Michelle fused their passions into this business. They hope to use Sinister Coffee & Creamery as a platform to share their paranormal adventures while advocating for the social justice issues they care deeply about. As a small business led by LGTBQ+ women, Sinister Coffee & Creamery uplifts and advocates the rights of women and LGTBQ+ communities and organizations through collaboration. One of their key alliances is with Cafe Femenino, an international cooperative led by women coffee bean farmers who are vastly underrepresented. This collaboration provides Peru, Guatemalan, and Colombian coffee beans that make their paranormal blends possible.


Like many businesses, Sinister Coffee & Creamery also struggled when the Covid-19 pandemic began. They persevered through their struggles by focusing on improving their online presence and service. One way they achieved this was through redesigning their branding. With a striking and captivating new look, they are growing and exciting events are taking place! Earlier this year, they released their Sinister Organic Totes where a portion of each sale will be donated to an environmental nonprofit organization. And for this year’s PSU Saturday Farmers’ Market, they’re back with sinister milkshakes, affogatos, and nitro lattes! Here at the Small Business Legal Clinic, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Sinister Coffee & Creamery in assisting in areas of trademarking and employment law. The clinic continues to look forward to supporting the growth of Sinister Coffee & Creamery for many more years to come.