April 22, 2022

Jacob McCormack - Intern Profile, 2022

Jacob McCormack has been an advanced intern at the Small Business Legal Clinic for the past 9 months. Jacob has many interests and talents; a pianist for over 18 years who also enjoys skiing, cycling, and traveling. But one of his favorite hobbies is playing video games, especially the ones created by Nintendo. He traveled widely for his studies including to New Zealand, Fiji, and Japan. Jacob graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Japanese. He almost applied to a PhD program for Japanese pedagogy in Canada but decided to pursue law instead.

Working in the legal field has always been one of Jacob’s career interests. As a child, he considered becoming a judge or a lawyer. However, after realizing how a career in law was an amalgamation of his hobbies, Jacob decided to pursue it. As someone who enjoys the creative works of music and video games, Jacob became inquisitive about copyrights and trademarks, and how it affects his environment. The potential career prospect of working at Nintendo and utilizing his language skills as a copyright attorney ignited a drive in him to enter Lewis & Clark Law School.


His studies at the law school positioned Jacob to apply and develop his expertise in copyright and trademark services at the Small Business Legal Clinic. Additionally, he grew a deftness for small business formation. Since many of these businesses are built by people with big hearts, dreams, and ideas, Jacob’s participation in their process continues to motivate and inspire him to reach his goals.