March 11, 2024

Student Intern Profile - Camille Sakamoto

Camille Sakamoto served as a student intern this Fall 2023. Realizing that law school provided the perfect arena to merge personal and professional interests, Camille hit the ground running and has not looked back. 

Camille Sakamoto served as a Fall 2023 student intern at the SBLC. As an Asian-American adoptee, art enthusiast, mother of twins, and amateur photographer who has traveled extensively and worked in the legal field prior to law school, Camille brought her wealth of experience to Lewis & Clark Law School and found her stride.

Born in Vietnam and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Camille began exploring her interest in the legal field as a young teenager. Her journey to becoming an attorney led her to Trinity West University, where she majored in international affairs. After completing her undergraduate studies, she taught English and fine art in Hungary for two years. Upon returning to the United States, she worked as a legal assistant at a local intellectual property law firm. The experience was the first time she merged her interests in law and art, eventually inspiring her to enroll at Lewis & Clark Law School in Fall of 2020. Less than a year into her legal studies, Sakamoto gave birth to twins. The flexibility of Lewis & Clark’s programming allowed her to make the appropriate adjustments in order to balance motherhood with her burgeoning legal career. In due time, Camille dove into transactional and IP-focused courses, taking Copyright, Trademark, Sports Law, and the SBLC.

“The SBLC has been a highlight of law school,” says Sakamoto, “real application of my studies was eye-opening.” Finding law school to be a rewarding challenge leading to both personal and professional growth, Sakamoto looks forward to her future as a lawyer, and wants to let people know that it is never too late to enroll. She believes that putting off enrollment to explore her professional interests was helpful and has only contributed to her ability to apply the law in real world scenarios.