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June 01, 2005

Kasia Rutledge

Oregon Law Center, Portland, OR

I worked this summer at the Oregon Law Center located in Portland, OR. Focusing on housing and homelessness law, I worked on several cases involving land use, tenant rights, and how homeless people are treated under the law. I worked on a case that examined the legality of removing a mobile home park which would displace long-time low income residents and would create new building in an unstable hillside overlay zone. I also assisted with a trial in which residents of a mobile home were given less than the statutory period to vacate the property due to the failure of the county clerk and sheriff to execute notice properly. I also researched the federal relocation act and whether a local semi-governmental agency had violated it. I met with community groups who work on homelessness law and looked at Portland’s sit-lie ordinance and park exclusion law.