September 14, 2015

Laura Russell

Northwest Health Law Advocates, Seattle, WA

This summer I interned at Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA) in Seattle, WA. NoHLA is a nonprofit organization that provides policy analysis, public education, administrative and legislative advocacy, and litigation on a wide range of health care issues. While at NoHLA, I had the incredible opportunity to work with advocates, attorneys, and policy analysts across the country to help improve access and affordability of health care for all. Additionally, I conducted extensive legal research and writing for a memo I later presented to state-wide advocacy coalition. I also attended oral arguments at the Washington State Supreme Court.

My internship at NoHLA was an enriching experience. I was afforded the opportunity to work on some of the most pressing health care issues facing people today. I have always been committed working in the public interest and this internship reaffirmed that commitment. I know that the experience I gained this summer will aid me as I enter the workforce in the coming year. My internship made me a better researcher and writer as well as a better advocate. 

The PILP stipend made this experience possible. Law students incur a lot of expenses throughout the year and summer is no exception. However, unlike other areas of the law, funding for public interest internships is often hard to come by. PILP stipends are vital to students who are invested in improving the communities in which we live. These stipends allow students to meet their financial needs while focusing on what matters most—people!