October 24, 2016

Bobby Marchione

Compassion Over Killing
Los Angeles, California

This past summer I worked as a legal intern at Compassion Over Killing’s (COK) legal office in Los Angeles. COK is a leader in animal advocacy and works on some of the most exciting and innovative animal law litigation happening today. I did research and wrote memos on a variety of topics using many different legal strategies, including careful statutory analysis in search of creative applications of existing laws.


COK may work to advance the welfare and rights of farmed animals, but because there are so few legal protections for these animals it often does so by looking to negative impacts on humans. Recent cases have involved consumer protection issues including price-fixing and false advertising. The public also benefits more generally from a world without animal cruelty. Some of COK’s best work is its undercover investigations, exposing perpetrators of violence and preparing cases to see that those who inflict deliberate harm against animals are removed from positions that allow them to do so.


It was such a great privilege to work for an a non profit organization that I am passionate about. This summer in Los Angeles would not have been possible without my PILP stipend. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend the summer working with some of the best animal law attorneys in the field, and I will share my experience to benefit the Lewis & Clark Law community.