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Why take this course?  Because passing the bar is not just about substantive knowledge.  It is also about how to approach and answer the questions.  This course is specifically tailored to work on the skills needed to write passing essay answers, to approach multiple choice questions properly, and to compose passing answers for the practice test. 

What will you do?  You will learn techniques for approaching questions and answer a lot of practice questions. We will offer 10 practice essay questions, 125 multiple choice questions, and one multistate practice test.  The questions will be from prior Oregon bar exams and the critique of student essay answers will be based on the actual grading sheets from the prior exams. 

Don’t the bar review courses have practice questions?  Yes, but what they don’t offer is the personalized feedback you will get on your essay questions and multiple choice answers.  This course will give you individual feedback on your answers on up to 10 essay questions we have pulled from prior Oregon bar exams. You will also have at least two individual feedback sessions with a grader.

Why do it?  Do it in order to give yourself the best shot at passing the bar exam.   Practice, feedback, and reflection can take you from treading water to effective study. 

Doesn’t this take a lot of extra time?  Every bar taker should be doing practice questions, and the amount we are offering is the minimum anyone should do.  The key difference here is the personal feedback you get that can make the practice even more powerful and useful for you.

What WON’T this course do? It will not duplicate what you are learning in the bar review courses that focus on substantive legal rules.  This is not designed as a replacement for those courses.


Law School Academics

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