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“An invaluable introduction to the law school paradigm — which, even more so than the academic content, is likely to be the most difficult portion of law school to anticipate.” —Class of 2015 AEP Student

“If you’re interested in connecting yourself to a cohort of motivated and inspiring peers, while gaining skills you’ll need from Day One to graduation, sign up for the AEP as soon as possible.”—Class of 2015 AEP Student

“Summer Institute and the AEP program gave me helpful advice on classes and finances, academic support, and created a community for me at school. Lewis & Clark law students are lucky to have such a program available to them!”—Class of 2014 AEP Student (and President of the International Law Society)

  “AEP is a truly unique and fantastic program. As someone who had been away from the classroom for a while and not familiar with the study and practice of law, I found that the Program helped me to ease into law school and gave me a solid foundation from which to work and grow. I am confident that my current success as a student is thanks in large part to the support of this Program and those involved in it.”—Class of 2013 AEP Student (and Editor in Chief of the Environmental Law Review)

“Not only does the program allow us to learn critical skills in a lower stress environment, it allows us to meet and interact with our classmates of exceptional backgrounds in an intimate setting.”—Class of 2013 AEP Student

“To be honest, I’m not sure how any 1L could begin law school without going through this program or something similar. The practice sessions in a real class setting were extremely helpful.” —Class of 2012 AEP Student

Law School Academics

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