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Center for Animal Law Studies


Aurora Paulsen Moses ’16 LL.M, Vermont Law School, clinical law professor

Alice DiConcetto ’16 LL.M., Harvard Law School, animal law fellow

Jim Karani Riungu ’16 LL.M., WildlifeDirect, attorney

Priscilla Rader ’16, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), education coordinator

Colby Stewart ’16, Judiciary for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, staff attorney

David Rosengard ’15 JD, ’16 LL.M., ALDF, staff attorney

Gieri Bolliger ’14 LL.M., Stiftung fur das Tier Im Recht, executive director

Sarah Cruse ’14 LL.M., Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), campaign manager

Alena Eckhardt, ’14 LL.M., Cox, Wootton, Lerner, Griffin & Hansen, LLP, attorney

Angie Fagg ’14, ALDF, pro bono administer

Danielle Holt ’14 LL.M., Alverson Taylor Mortensen & Sanders

Moe Honjo ’14 LL.M., Hitotsubashi University, doctoral candidate

Amy Jesse ’14, HSUS, public policy coordinator

Jamie Pang ’14, Center for Biological Diversity, endangered species act campaigner

Juli Zagrans ’14 LL.M., One Tail at a Time PDX, director

Mitzi Bolaños ’13 LL.M., StubbyDog, executive director

Marie Burcham ’13, The Cornucopia Institute, farm and food policy analyst

Lora Dunn ’13, ALDF, director of the criminal justice program

Laura Hagen ’13, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, deputy director, advocacy

Claire Howe ’13 LL.M., HEART, Portland program director

Katherine Hutchison ’13 LL.M., BarBri, attorney editor

Jenny Keatinge ’13, Defenders of Wildlife, government relations associate

Jaclyn Leeds ’13, Northwest Veg, executive director

Kelly Levenda ’13, ALDF, student programs attorney

Michelle Pawliger ’13, Animal Welfare Institute, farm animal policy associate

Shayna Rogers ’13, Garrett Hemann Robertson P.C., associate attorney

Mandy Winalski ’13 LL.M., Community Legal Aid

Lindsay Baker ’12, House Majority Office Oregon Legislature

Holly Gann ’12, HSUS, horse slaughter campaign manager

Stefan Heller ’12, Thomson Reuters

Kayci McLeod ’12, HSUS, assistant general counsel

Matthew Dominguez ’11, The Nonhuman Rights Project, director of public affairs and government relations

Jessica Johnson ’11, Animal Protection New Mexico, chief legislative officer

Tara Zuardo ’10, Animal Welfare Institute, wildlife attorney

Andrew Freeman ’09, Washington County, deputy district attorney

Alexis Fox ’09, Lighter, co-founder

Sarah Baeckler Davis ’08, Project Chimps, president

Kim McCoy ’07, Big Life Foundation, executive director

Natasha Dolezal ’06, Center for Animal Law Studies, director, international animal law program

Geoff Orme-Evans ’06, Humane Society International, environmental and climate change specialist

Tami Santelli ’06, HSUS, assistant legislative counsel

Peter Brandt ’04, HSUS, senior attorney for the animal protection litigation section

Stephanie Engelsman ’04, Metropolitan Public Defender Services, public defender

Kathryn Hall ’03, Kathryn A. Hall PC, equine law practice, owner

Laura Ireland ’01, Gibbons & Ireland, partner

Stephan Otto ’00, Animal Law Strategies

Sam Edwards ’95, Green Mountain College, professor

Nancy Perry ’95, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, senior vice president of government relations


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