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Animal Law Clinic

The Animal Law Clinic (Clinic) works to promote animal protection on behalf of individual and organizational clients. Faculty and students work with attorneys, community members, veterinarians, scientists, and other professionals involved in legislation, litigation, administrative, policy, and advocacy work. In the Clinic, J.D. and LL.M. students do many things, including: conduct research and analysis; draft legislation; write policy papers; submit petitions to state and federal agencies; offer comments on proposed regulations; make FOIA requests; conduct legal investigations; make presentations to law students and community groups; respond to media requests for information; and write articles for newsletters and law review journals.

The Clinic focuses on the development of animal law through local, national and international work. It provides a unique and rewarding clinical experience for students, as the only year-long clinic dedicated to animal protection issues.

In the Clinic, students develop their legal research, analysis and writing skills while also learning about litigation, negotiation, drafting, strategic decision-making, ethical practice, and advocacy. The Clinic provides a valuable resource for students to gain real-world experience. Clinic students work with expert attorneys and influential organizations around the world to develop the field of animal law and encourage consideration of the interests of animals in legal decision making.

Read Professor Kathy Hessler’s article, The Role of the Animal Law Clinic, 60 J.LEGAL EDUC 263 (2010) (pdf 200KB)

Animal Law Clinic

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