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Center for Animal Law Studies

Animal Law LL.M. Curriculum FAQs

Students will have the opportunity to develop a curriculum specific to their career aspirations, whether it is teaching, or practicing law in a private firm, non-profit organization, corporation, or government agency.

What is required to complete the LL.M. degree?

The LL.M. program requires students to complete 26 semester hours of credit and receive a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better (applies to U.S. students only). A full-time student can complete the program in one academic year (two semesters). Students are allowed to attend the program part-time and will have up to two and a half years to satisfy all degree requirements.

Students may also take classes toward their degree through the Animal Law Summer Program.

Are there required courses?

All students are required to take a two-credit Graduate Animal Law Seminar (one credit in the fall, one credit in the spring) and Animal Law Fundamentals (3 credits) if they had not already satisfied these requirements in their J.D. programs. In addition, U.S. students are also required to take Administrative Law (3 credits). For the remaining credits for the degree, students may choose from any of our animal law courses, as well as take up to 8 credits from non-animal law classes.

The LL.M. faculty advisor will counsel students on class selection, graduation requirements, and other matters. Students will work with the advisor to register for classes once registration opens.

Do you offer online courses/distance learning?

Currently, this option is not available. We do have one online course offered in our Animal Law Summer Program.