Global Educational Outreach and Support

Advancing International Animal Protections

Through our outreach and support, CALS provides capacity-building assistance to partners in primarily developing countries who address animal welfare, protection, and conservation, with a focus on education and legal practice. This includes partnering with relevant NGOs, universities, advocates, and attorneys who are interested in developing animal law opportunities abroad.

Our faculty and staff have been invited to speak all over the world on the importance of animal law and how advocates can develop animal law education and advocacy in their home countries. Understanding that we exponentially increase our effectiveness by equipping animal advocates with the tools necessary to educate others, our “train the trainer” approach has seen many of our international Animal Law LLM graduates be transformed into the leaders of animal law education and outreach back home.

Additionally, our international network of animal law attorneys and advocates serves as the nexus for animal law professionals around the world. These efforts include supporting conferences and trainings, providing microgrants, and assisting advocates as they develop innovative approaches to advance animal protection.


Global Animal Law News

  • The Slow Loris monkey is one of the world?s 25 most endangered primates. October 17
    The Preventing Future Pandemics Act of 2020—a bi-partisan proposal—has taken a significant first step in addressing our dysfunctional relationship with wildlife and nature. In this blog, Erica Lyman, Clinical Professor and Director of our Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment, and Senior Staff Attorney Nick Fromherz, make the case for why this bill is necessary and deserves passage into law.
  • October 16
    Dr. Rajesh K. Reddy is stepping into a new role as the Global Animal Law and Advanced Degree Program Director for the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School, after serving as the Animal Law LLM Program Director since 2018.

  • September 24
    Earlier this month, professionals and practitioners came together at the 4th Annual Africa Animal Welfare Conference to discuss issues that cut across animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation. In this blog, Animal Law LLM (’16) Jim Karani provides an overview of the conference and the presentations by Clinical Professors Erica Lyman and Delcianna Winders.
  • September 22
    The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) and the #1 ranked Environmental Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School have created the Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment (Global Law Alliance) as champions for wild animals and wild spaces across the globe. The Global Law Alliance works to protect animals and the environment through the development, implementation, and enforcement of international law.
  • September 16
    What is the connection between the commercial fishing industry and other forms of industrial animal agriculture? In this blog, Professor Nicholas Fromherz examines the role of Peru’s anchovy industry in propping up destructive and inefficient aquaculture and livestock operations worldwide.