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The goal of our educational outreach and support efforts is to act as a resource in helping develop the field of animal law and education outside of the U.S. To do this, we provide various kinds of assistance to individuals or organizations in furtherance of this goal. We are interested in learning about and supporting relevant and impactful projects in countries where animal law is a nascent field. If you have an idea for a project or how we might assist you, then we welcome you to read about current and past projects and fill out the form below. 

Projects Supported

Speak Out for Animals 
Train the Trainer Program - July 2017, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's first animal law training participants by Speak Out For Animals.SOFA conducts introductory training in Animal Law to law students, graduates or lawyers interested in the field. Selected participants are awarded certificates. As a follow-up, SOFA conducts an in-depth training to equip the participants with the necessary legal knowledge so as to enable them to advocate for animal protection and welfare. SOFA aims to be influential in establishing a network of lawyers who appreciate; and are dedicated to the practice of animal law. The first animal law training workshop was conducted in 2017. 10 lawyers were awarded certificates after completion of the training. The training was themed “Train the trainer”, the trained lawyers are already training communities and university students on the importance of animal laws and animal conservation. This year the organization will host its second animal law training from the 28th of May 2018 - to the 1st of June 2018.”


Global Animal Law Conference III - May 2018, Hong Kong



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