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Career Center

Animal law is growing every year, and with this growth comes increased opportunities to specialize in the field. Exposure via animal law courses, animal law internships or clinicals provide an excellent means of targeting potential areas in which to develop an expertise. The various animal law opportunities available at Lewis & Clark allow students discover how they are best suited to work in the animal law field.

There are a variety of ways to advocate for animals, whether it is working as a prosecutor to better enforce anti-cruelty statutes or as a lobbyist to strengthen animal protection laws. Some may incorporate animal law into their practice on a pro bono basis or as a sole focus. Others work at national nonprofits in policy, legislation and litigation. We also encourage students to broaden the definition of animal law careers to include in-house counsel positions in industry or government work at enforcement agencies like the USDA.

Because the animal law community is still relatively small, it is crucial for students to network and make connections with potential employers. At Lewis & Clark, students regularly have access to guest speakers and others working in the animal law field. This presents wonderful networking opportunities, like those available during The Animal Law Conference or the National Animal Law Competitions.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of animal law and policy organizations. We encourage students to peruse the list to discover clerkships and other animal law career opportunities. Students should also be sure to consult Lewis & Clark’s fantastic Career & Professional Development Career Center.