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  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the 19th annual Crime Victim Law Conference! 

    NCVLI’s Crime Victim Law Conference continues to be the only national conference focused on rights enforcement in Victim Law, including rights enforcement in criminal cases.  Professionals serving victims gather to learn, share best practices, and plan the future of victims’ rights.

    View the Conference Agenda.

    Click here to download a copy of the Conference Agenda.

    This year NCVLI’s annual Crime Victim Law Conference was held virtually Thursday and Friday, November 14-15 on Whova. Whova is a free platform (mobile and desktop) that allows for a Virtual Event Center where attendees can easily navigate speaker sessions, view the Conference agenda, interact with speakers and attendees, and network. Conference content is located exclusively on the Whova app.

    Get our official conference app
    For Blackberry or Windows Phone,  Click here
    For feature details, visit Whova

    For more information about Whova, please check the Conference FAQs here.


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