The National Crime Victim Law Institute’s annual Crime Victim Law Conference is the only national conference focusing on Victim Law. Victim Law is a broad area of law that includes all areas of law that victims of crime must navigate because of their status as victims. It ranges from victims’ rights enforcement in criminal cases to immigrant survivors’ rights to tort law to Title IX. Among the most under-developed areas of Victim Law is rights enforcement in criminal cases; thus, while the Conference covers all areas of Victim Law, special emphasis is placed on this area. The Conference provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to provide effective legal representation to victims of crime. The Crime Victim Law Conference is an ideal opportunity for justice professionals to meet, network, increase their knowledge of victim law, and foster a national conversation on the advancement of victims’ rights.

Through this Session Proposal Form, NCVLI is seeking presentations that will provide training for Conference attendees in a variety of areas that address Victim Law. Possible topics include:

  • Criminal Justice Theory
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Fraud and identity theft
  • International crime victims’ rights
  • Intersection of victim privacy and media/public access (e.g., closing or limiting courtroom access, proceeding by
  • pseudonym, sealing records)
  • Intersection of victims’ rights and disability law
  • Intersection of victims’ rights and Title IX
  • Legal hurdles of double jeopardy, ripeness, and mootness
  • Methods for victims to facilitate participation (e.g. support persons, alternative means of testifying, courtroom design)
  • Post-victimization trauma and tools for appropriate advocacy
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions affecting crime victims’ rights
  • Restitution
  • Serving immigrant and refugee crime victims
  • Serving underserved populations of crime victims
  • Unique issues confronting the rights of elders
  • Unique issues confronting sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, or tracking victims
  • Unique legal issues confronting victims in post-conviction settings
  • Victim privacy and confidentiality
  • Victims’ rights in military systems
  • Victims’ rights in tribal courts
  • Equitable access to justice

Extra consideration will be given to presentations that feature advanced victims’ rights litigation material aimed at attorneys with experience representing crime victims.


Applicants should complete the “Session Proposal Form” (found below) in its entirety. A résumé or vitaé should be submitted for the primary/lead presenter. Incomplete applications may not be accepted for consideration. Those wishing to submit more than one proposal may do so by completing a new “Session Proposal Form” for each proposal.

Completed proposals should be submitted no later than 5pm PT on Monday, May 31, 2021.


The 2021 Conference is anticipated to be a hybrid conference with some sessions being in-person, others virtual and some both. The following information is subject to change

  • Anticipated number of total conference participants is 450; anticipated number of participants per breakout session is 55-100.
  • Sessions may range from 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes; accompanying educational materials are required (more information will be provided to those selected to present).
  • For in-person sessions
    • the rooms will be set in classroom style or theater style (for sessions expecting a larger audience).
    • NCVLI will have available a PC, a projector and a screen. If you must have Internet access for your presentation please denote that in the application as it is uncertain whether this will be available.
  • For sessions presented only in a virtual format
    • The speaker will be required to have a web camera, microphone, good lighting and the Internet.
  • Based upon submissions received, selected presenters may be asked to participate as part of a panel or a facilitated discussion rather than or in addition to presenting individually. See “Session Information and Presenter Experience” section for options and to indicate preferences.

Questions about the RFP process should be directed to: ncvliconference@lclark.edu or 503-768-6819.