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National Crime Victim Law Institute

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NCVLI is the only national organization focused on victims’ legal rights, fighting to ensure victims are empowered and justice is enhanced.


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Why Invest in NCVLI?

Together we accomplish so much for victims. In the past year we:

  • Trained over 3,000 people on the importance of victims’ rights and the tools available to enforce them;
  • Provided legal research, writing, and strategic advice in 179 legal matters in 36 unique jurisdictions;
  • Dedicated over 3,000 attorney hours to providing assistance in victims’ rights cases, all at no charge to the recipient; and
  • Filed 14 amicus curiae briefs in state and federal courts to establish precedent so that tomorrow’s victims do not face the same hurdles as today’s victims.

Our Vision

We seek to promote a society in which:

  • Every crime victim has comprehensive and meaningful legal rights and can access a knowledgeable attorney for representation in the justice system;
  • Every crime victim’s attorney has access to education, training, and technical support from a community of experts;
  • Everyone in the justice system is knowledgeable about and respects the legal rights of crime victims;
  • Crime victims’ rights are routinely enforced to facilitate meaningful participation in the justice system; and
  • Every right of every crime victim is honored in every case.

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