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Alexandra Gastelum

Intern Spotlight: Alexandra Gastelum

Alexandra is a certified Victim Advocate & Development Associate for the nonprofit, Homicide Survivors, Inc. located in Tucson, Arizona. She is experienced in both systems-based and non-systems based advocacy, specializing in working with survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and homicide co-victims. As a trauma-informed yoga instructor, she developed a curriculum for trauma-informed yoga for survivors of homicide victims.

Alexandra is currently pursuing her JD at CUNY School of Law where she is a recipient of the Public Interest Leader Scholarship and the Linda Fields Fellowship.

Andrew Lauersdorf

Member; Fundraising & Education Committee

Dr. David Black

Member; Governance Committee

2021 Outstanding Achievement Award Honorees

Congratulations to NCVLI’s 2021 award honorees!  This year we presented the Gail Burns-Smith Award to Helen O’Brien and the Legal Advocacy Awards to two honorees, Colleen Clase and Elizabeth Well!  The award ceremony was held on Friday, November 12, 2021 during the Crime Victim Law Conference.

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