Professional Resources

NCVLI provides a variety of resources to attorneys and advocates who work with or directly represent victims of crime in criminal cases.  In addition to the resources outlined below, NCVLI also files amicus curiae briefs explaining the national implications of cases to courts and suggests how their decision will impact future victims. 

Victim Law Library

NCVLI’s Victim Law Library contains victims’ rights laws, organized by jurisdiction, and legal publications about crime victims’ rights. The primary intended audience of the materials in the Law Library legal are attorneys, as the writing is law and citation-heavy. The resources in the Law Library include Bulletins, which provide in-depth analysis of topics victims’ rights topics and offer practice tips, as well as Surveys, which focus on one topic and collect the law from across the country into one document.

Rights Enforcement Toolkit

NCVLI’s Rights Enforcement Toolkit includes a variety of resources that are designed to assist practitioners with effectively asserting and seeking enforcement of victims’ rights. The tools in the Toolkit include video tutorials of rights; videos incorporating survivor, attorney, and advocate voices discussing rights; checklists; flowcharts; resource documents compiling links to additional online resources; sample pleadings; and more.

Technical Assistance

NCVLI provides technical assistance on victims’ rights issues in the form of legal research and educational writing to attorneys, advocates, judges, legislatures across the country.

Request a Training

NCVLI is happy to join partners around the country and craft trainings to suit your needs, whether those be a 1-hour introduction to victims’ rights enforcement or a day-long practical skills course.

National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys & Advocates

The National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys (NAVRA) is NCVLI’s membership appliance of attorneys, advocates, law students, and other persons interested in advancing victims’ rights.  NAVRA has a dedicated website ( that provides a wealth of important resources to its membership, including searchable databases of hundreds of case summaries, amicus briefs, pleadings, and other resources.

New & Noteworthy Court Opinions

NCVLI researches and reviews critical victims’ rights cases issued nationwide and publishes summaries of these cases identifying the critical underlying facts, the court’s reasoning, and the court’s holding in each case.  A searchable database of these summaries is available for paid NAVRA members. 

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