Our Current Projects

Through funding from a variety of sources, NCVLI administers a number of projects dedicated to addressing some of the most critical issues facing victims today.  Some of our projects respond directly to specific crime areas, while others help arm general practitioners with the skills they need to assist victims in their everyday work.  Each of our projects furthers our underlying mission of promoting balance and fairness in the justice system through legal advocacy, education and training, and public policy.

 Our Tools 

  • Legal Advocacy.  We pair crime victims with free attorneys who fight to secure their rights.  We do this through our national network of legal clinics and our National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys (NAVRA).  We also ensure that every attorney and advocate can make the best arguments for the victims they serve by providing them with legal technical assistance in the form of legal research, writing, and strategic consultation.  In addition, we file amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in victims’ rights cases nationwide.
  • Training & Education.  We train nationwide on the meaning, scope, and enforceability of victims’ rights through practical skills courses, online webinars, and teleconferences.  We also host the only conference in the country focused on victim law.  Our audiences include attorneys, judges, advocates, law enforcement, law students, and victims.
  • Public Policy.  We work with partners nationwide to secure the next wave of victims’ rights legislation, legislation that guarantees victims substantive rights and the procedural mechanisms to secure those rights.  We provide model legislation, and testify when called upon.