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Our Clients

  • LaShawnda Johnson greets SBLC students at Desired Nails and Massage Spa.

    Desired Nails and Massage - Client Profile

    LaShawnda Johnson, the owner of Desired Nails and Massage began down the path towards owning her own small business after renting space in a nail salon. She had dreamed of becoming a massage therapist, and after practicing her craft for several years, she not only learned a lot about massage therapy & nails, but came to discover that she loved the work and wanted to start her own business.
  • Pyro Pizza owner, John Eads talks with SBLC Professor Susan Felstiner and legal interns.

    Pyro Pizza - Client Profile

    The Cartopia food cart pod on SE Hawthorne and 12th boasts a host of amazing food, including Pyro Pizza, owned by John Eads. John moved to Portland about ten years ago and spent several years working as a business advisor for Hacienda CDC and the Portland Mercado. In 2010, he started Pyro Pizza. The large food cart with its elegant wood siding houses a huge oven to make wood fired pizza.
  • The Big Elephant Kitchen- Client Profile

    We’re excited to highlight The Big Elephant Kitchen, a Fijian Indian restaurant that opened in May of 2017. Owned by Saleshni, Deon, and Deepak Sundar, the business is a family undertaking. The owners decided to go into business for themselves after gaining experience managing other food businesses. They wanted to bring their unique and delicious cuisine to Portland. During the process of opening the business, they convinced their mother and father to join them.  Rajni, their mother, is working magic in the kitchen while Shailendra, their father, can likely be found searching for breadfruit or some other unique ingredient.


  • Summit Wood Creations - Client Profile

    Summit Wood Creations is a local small business specializing in hand-crafted custom wood furniture. The owner, Reyna Badillo, started building custom furniture largely because of her childhood experiences seated at a handmade dresser. Gifted to her by her grandmother, the dresser holds a lot of sentimental value and has been in her family for four generations. When Reyna realized that she can create the furniture through which clients’ own special memories might be made, she discovered her passion. She turned this passion into a business back in 2001. While the business previously focused on residential custom furniture, they have expanded into custom furniture in the commercial arena.

  • NW Ferments - Client Profile

    NW Ferments is a new up-and-coming Portland-area business. Sue and Wendy have fermented foods for many years as a hobby. When the fermenting company that they worked for decided to move to another state, they decided to open their own company that would bring fermenting to every type of person. They came to the Small Business Legal Clinic in early 2016 to start their own businesses and negotiate the end of their work with the previous business.

  • LunaSol - Client Profile

    Lindsey Alonzo is the creative force behind Luna Sol, the home of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Luna Sol, her solo venture, began just over a year ago. Lindsey has been designing jewelry since 2002, however. She originally received a degree in textile design, but discovered her love for designing and crafting jewelry while working in a local boutique. After learning more about the ins and outs of business, she decided it was time to begin her own business.

    Lindsey creates original designs, drawing inspiration from the ethnically diverse cultures she meets as she travels.  She especially enjoys the creative aspects of her business, such as crafting the first pieces of her collection. She has placed her collections in local stores such as Haunt, Altar and Flora. Her designs can also be seen online at

    Lindsey first came to the Small Business Legal Clinic, Pro Bono Project in the summer of 2014 for advice on properly forming and registering her businesses. She returned this summer to learn about the process of copyrighting her designs. 

  • Conscious Coils LLC

    Conscious Coils LLC is a natural hair salon which provides hair stylist and also has a line of natural hair products. Their mission is to renew the collective consciousness of the people by nurturing a healthy self-image and celebrating authentic, natural beauty. In the Fall of 2012 Conscious Coils LLC owner, Amber Starks, came to the SBLC and received help trademarking her product name, drafting a sublease agreement and client waiver form.
  • Tin Cantina LLC

    Tin Cantina LLC is a 1965 Airstream trailer available for private parties as a traveling vintage bar, bridal suites for brides (and grooms) getting married in remote places, and as a traveling sampling venue for food and beverage distributors. In the Summer of 2013 Tin Cantina LLC owner, Deanna Wohlgemuth, came to the SBLC and received help drafting a client contract and rental agreement.
  • Mixteca Catering LLC

    Mixteca Catering LLC is a family operated catering business which specializes in authentic Oaxacan cuisine. Mixteca Catering LLC offers catering services for any size group. You can also find Mixteca Catering LLC at local farmer’s market. In the Spring of 2013 Mixteca Catering came to the SBLC and received help forming their LLC.
  • The Glaziery LLC

    After extensive careers working as stained glass artists across the United States Christopher Lizon and Jakub Jerzy Kuckarcyzk met in Portland while they were both working at Savoy Studios, where renowned large-scale art glass is produced for commercial investors primarily within the hospitality and entertainment industry. In 2010 they branched out and started their own company The Glaziery LLC. The Glaziery LLC combines both metal work and a variety of glass arts’ processes: stained glass, kiln-forming, glassblowing, etching, mirroring and cold-working. In Spring 2012 Mr. Lizon and Mr. Jerzy Kucharczyk worked with the SBLC to draft an Operating Agreement and a service contact.
  • Precycle LLC

    After many years in the brewery business, Nicholas Munson-Phelps realized there was a need for a good bottle cleaning service. Mr. Munson-Phelps collects dirty glass beer bottles from local retail outlets, washes and sanitizes the bottles, and then sells them to local breweries. He came to the SBLC in Spring 2012 to form an LLC.
  • Bee Local, LLC

    Bee Local, LLC makes local artisan honey. Honey batches are named based on geographical locations of hives. Honey lines include: Brooklyn, Laurelhurst, Mt. Tabor, Powellhurst, and many more. Bee Local LLC owner, Damian Magista, came to the SBLC in Summer 2012 and worked with an attorney who helped trademark his business name and logo.
  • Tierra Educational Center LLC

    Tierra Educational Center LLC is a locally owned, independent language school located in NE Portland, Oregon. They offer small group and private Spanish classes of the highest quality for adults and children of all levels. Their experienced and enthusiastic instructors implement Tierra’s well-structured, original curriculum utilizing dynamic and conversational activities for the most effective learning experience. By providing an open and friendly classroom environment and hosting holiday celebrations and conversation nights open to the public, they build community through the sharing of language, culture, and love of learning. Tierra first came to the SBLC in Summer 2011 to draft a liability waiver used for their international education trips and returned in Spring 2012 to revise their Operating Agreement.
  • Portland Pedal Power LLC

    In their thirst for the perfect job, four people from different backgrounds came together to form Portland Pedal Power LLC, a member-managed company based on consensus decision making. This professional, licensed and insured bicycle delivery service helps accelerate the sales of small, sustainably-minded local business through deliveries and promotional services. Portland Pedal Power LLC has been working with the SBLC since Spring 2011. The SBLC has revised their Operating Agreement, drafted a bicycle lease agreement and helped trademark their name and logo.
  • Mari’s Muffins, LLC

    The story of Mari’s Muffins, LLC begins with a Lake Oswego mother and her admitted sweet tooth. Yet as a registered dietitian she understood the physiological drawbacks caused by eating too many empty calories—often leading kids and parents alike to reach for additional sweet treats. This was not what her family needed, especially for their morning meal. So she put her nutrition know-how and baking skills to the test. After several years of experimentation Mari developed a protein packed, high fiber meal, all in a single muffin. Mari first came to the SBLC in Fall 2011 to form her LLC. She returned the following term to trademark her slogan “Meal in a Muffin.”
  • Moon rocks from RLF Ceramic Design Center LLC

    RLF Ceramic Design Center, LLC - Client Profile

    When Ruth Flores of RLF Ceramic Design Center LLC discusses her small business, she tells a compelling story full of grit, hard work, and surprises. Ruth’s business makes aquarium décor from ceramic materials. To grow her business over the past 28 years, Ruth underwent a remarkable journey. She built a national company from scratch, made an incredible discovery, was ousted from her own company after a legal dispute, and eventually was able to regain much of what she lost through federal trademark registration and hard work.

  • Epif Restaurant - a bit of Chile in Portland!

    Epif, the first vegetarian restaurant inspired by the Andes Region of South America  will be opening October 30th! Nicolle and Jose brought their expertise from their restaurant in Valparaiaso Chile to Portland. After two years of designing, planning and building, the restaurant has come together. The beautiful location, which was built in their garden, mixes South America with Portland craftsmanship, creating a unique ambiance.


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