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Arts & Business Legal Information Portal

Welcome to the Arts & Business Legal Information Portal, or ABLIP. If you are looking for legal advice regarding your specific situation, ABLIP cannot provide that service. Please fill out the SBLC’s Client Enrollment form or apply to OVLA’s clinic to request assistance with questions specific to your situation.

If you need help understanding a general legal question relating to your work as an artist and/or a small business owner, ABLIP may be able to help. We can provide general information about business law, including: contracts, copyrights, trademarks, employment, business formation, leases, and regulations.

What kind of help can you receive through ABLIP?

  • Verbal or written information that may help you to solve your problem on your own;
  • Legal information and context to help you approach your problem differently;
  • Referrals to the Small Business Legal Clinic, the Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, another legal service, or an attorney.

Disclaimers: The Arts & Business Legal Information Portal (ABLIP) is an informational resource with the goal of helping direct you to appropriate legal and business resources and information based on your question.This resource does NOT provide legal advice. It provides general information like a Frequently Asked Questions page or a presentation. Legal advice applies the law to your facts. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney. ABLIP may also direct you to apply for legal assistance through a legal clinic if your question requires legal advice.

ABLIP prioritizes questions from Oregon artists and low-income rural small businesses.

The people answering your questions may include volunteer attorneys and students.

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ABLIP is a community resource provided by the Small Business Legal Clinic and Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.