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 Peter Reid and Khalid AlArfaj work on client matters during the summer session

Working under the guidance of an experienced Clinical Law Professor, upper division law students (“interns”) represent small and emerging businesses in business transactional matters. The interns handle the majority of the client’s work, learning how to interview and counsel clients, draft and negotiate contracts, and how to manage a law practice. Interns also have the opportunity to give presentations at community events held by local small business development centers. Students are encouraged to take Business Associations before signing up for the clinic. 

In 2017, the SBLC began a Patent Program. Students must fill out an application prior to registering with the program. Students should have a background in science or techology and are encouraged to take IP survey classes before enrolling in the clinic. Any questions can be directed to Susan Felstiner, or 503-768-6941.



  • The Small Business Legal Clinic is a great program for local businesses and for Lewis & Clark Law School students. The SBLC has provided me with the tools that I need for everyday transactional legal work. As a student who plans to open his own practice after law school, I feel that the SBLC has prepared me with what to expect when performing business transactions. The SBLC is an excellent resource for students to try transactional legal work and see if it is an area they want to pursue. 

    I am very happy I was able to be a part of the SBLC during law school. It is rewarding to see the satisfaction on client’s faces after helping them with their needs. The SBLC should be a requirement for any law student who wishes to practice business law.  

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  • The SBLC provides real-life experience working with real clients on their actual issues. In the SBLC Patent Clinic, our supervising attorney spent about half of our clinic time teaching and coaching us every week, which is rare in most law firm settings. 

    The SBLC Patent Clinic helped me understand what patent prosecution work is about, and what skill set is needed to work in this field. It provides a realistic view of the daily work of a patent prosecution attorney. It is also a great “try-it-out” opportunity to find out whether one would enjoy it or not. 

    Overall, I believe the patent clinic is a unique experience. The clinic helps low-income people who need legal advice but cannot afford full-price legal services. This is a great experience to see how lawyers can help and connect with people. Working at the SBLC inspired me to think of how I can better help people in my future career.

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