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    Public Transportation

    There are various public transportation systems serving regional areas across Oregon. Some public transportation systems are statewide, providing intercity transportation across Oregon, while others operate within particular regions, counties, or cities. See “Transportation Resources” for information regarding public transportation options near you!


    Instead of relying on public transportation options, consider using a bicycle as your primary mode of transportation. There are many benefits to riding a bike to get from “Point A” to “Point B.” Using a bike to travel allows you to be the master of your own schedule, rather than waiting for a ride, and lets you avoid the costs associated with public transportation. There are also definitive health benefits to using a bike as your primary mode of transportation. Cycling not only improves your physical health, but the exercise can also boost your mental and emotional health by reducing stress levels. When you perform an exercise, such as cycling, your body releases endorphins and other chemicals that tend to improve your overall mood. The positive impact that cycling can have on the environment, your budget and your frame of mind make it a wonderful alternative to public transportation.


    Some cities and volunteer organizations across Oregon operate a rideshare program called Dial-A-Ride that provides transportation to those who are not currently served, or are underserved, by public transportation. Depending on the location, using this service may or may not cost a fee. To secure a ride, you must call and make a reservation in advance. See  “Transportation Resources” to see if Dial-A-Ride is operating near you!

    Other Ride Share, Bike Share, or Nonprofit Transportation Services

    Depending on where you live, there may be alternate rideshare or bikeshare programs offered. Nonprofit organizations offer alternative rideshare programs that target Seniors or individuals with disabilities.

    If you are living in Portland or Corvallis, there are bikeshare options available to you as well. Soon, there will be a bikeshare program in Eugene as well! See below for more information.


    Biketown PDX
    Single RIde: $2.50/trip
    Day Pass: $12/day
    Annual Membership: $12/month

    Membership price: $5
    Trips under 2 hours are free, then pay $3 per hour up to $24 per ride.


    Eugene Bike Share (Coming Soon!)

  • County Resources
    • Beaverton Amtrak

      Beaverton Amtrak
      10470 Southwest Barnes Road
      Beaverton, OR 97225

    • Wheeler County Community Transportation

      Wheeler County Community Transportation

      (541) 468-2859

      Jonathan Asher - Program Coordinator

    • Yamhill County Transit Area

      Yamhill County Transit Area

      McMinnville: (503) 474-4900
      Newberg: (503) 538-7433

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