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Advanced Copyright

  • Typically offered every other year
Limit: 20 students.

The seminar will afford students the opportunity to delve deeply into copyright law in the United States. The seminar will be organized around four general areas in copyright law. First, we will focus on the rules of third party liability, including technology providers as well as internet service providers and website hosts of user generated content. Next we will study more closely copyright law and the music industry, including the challenges brought about by digital distribution. Another area of focus will be norm shaping and its relationship to copyright law from “best practices” guidelines to on-line communities and the creative commons movements. Finally, a fourth area likely will be developed based on enrolled student input.

In addition to reading and discussing class materials, each student is required to research and write an analytical paper on a seminar-related topic of his/her choosing. Students are required to rewrite their papers in response to comments on their initial paper submissions. Students may thus satisfy the Capstone writing requirement through this seminar. As this course is a seminar, each student will also be responsible for leading a discussion during class. Class attendance, participation in discussion, and leading discussion will form a part of the student’s grade for the course.

Prerequistes: Copyright Law, or Intellectual Property Survey

Meets the Capstone writing requirement