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Tribal Courts/Tribal Law

The following course description is for Spring 2016 only. The prior course description follows below.

Spring 2016

This course examines the developing body of tribal court jurisprudence and tribal law.  The basic approach will be to study and analyze various tribal court decisions dealing with important and diverse issues of tribal law such as tribal constitutions, tribal membership, tribal elections, civil rights, criminal law, family law, property law, contracts and torts.

There is no exam.

NOTE: Prior to Spring 2016, this course was called Federal Indian Law Seminar with the following course description:

Description: This advanced seminar provides in-depth study of current issues in Indian law, which may include tribal sovereignty and tribal court jurisdiction, reservation economic development and environmental regulation, cultural resource protection, and tribal rights in natural resources and endangered species. This class will explore the ways history, legislation and litigation influence the development of Indian law and policy. Completion of the basic course in Federal Indian Law is a prerequisite for this seminar or other arrangements can be made with the professor. The class format will include group discussion, a research paper and a class presentation by each student. Papers can satisfy the A or B writing requirement and can apply towards the Environmental Law Certificate.

Prerequisite: Federal Indian Law

Meets Capstone writing requirement.

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