Sexual Assault: Victims’ Rights, Remedies and Reality

Sexual Assault Seminar:  Victims’ Rights, Remedies and Reality will introduce students to how areas of established civil jurisprudence, such as housing, employment, education, and privacy rights, can be employed to meet the needs of victims of rape and sexual assault victims.  The seminar will also analyze and discuss the challenges sexual assault survivors confront in today’s legal system with respect to the laws and legal theories regarding victim intoxication, credibility, consent, rape mythology, the impact of trauma and victim access to legal services. The focus of the course is on civil remedies as a complement to – or in lieu of – criminal justice prosecution. (This course will not focus on child sexual abuse, sex offender management, or criminal procedure.) Class methodology will include lecture, class and small group discussion, interactive exercises, case studies, multi-media materials and guest speakers.  Students will also have in-class opportunities to develop their client interview, oral argument and legal analytical and presentation skills.

Students will be evaluated based on a short paper and a final exam, in addition to class preparation and participation. The course is offered on a credit/no-credit basis.