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Intellectual Property: Theory

  • Typically offered every other year
Limit: 20 students.

Description: In this Seminar we will discuss recent law review articles, book excerpts, and cases that focus on the cutting edge intellectual property law topics of the day. The topics will, of necessity, be different every time the course is offered; they will, however, draw from all intellectual property areas (copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret) and allied fields (e.g., commons and peer production models of innovation). In addition to reading and discussing class materials, each student is required to research and write an analytical paper on a seminar-related topic of his/her choosing. Students are also required to rewrite their papers in response to comments on their first drafts and present their papers to the other students in the class at a seminar conference to be held at the law school at a Saturday in April.

In Spring 2012, the seminar will be integrated with the Second Annual “Intellectual Property in the Trees” workshop series that will bring four professors from other schools to our campus throughout the spring semester to workshop a current paper. The workshop will be held from 12:00 to 1:15, with lunch provided. In addition to seminar students, the workshop will be attended by selected practitioners and law school professors. Each student will be required to attend at least two of those workshop sessions. The class meeting schedule will be adjusted accordingly. For more information check ~loren/IPSeminar2012

Meets Capstone writing requirement

Formal Prerequisites: Intellectual Property Survey