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Tribal Courts & Peace Circles

Limit: 20 Students

Description: This two-hour course is intended to expound upon the traditional and contemporary aspects of the tribal courts in the United States including the internal law, jurisdiction and sovereignty of tribes. A special focus will include the use of peacemaking principles in a circle process designed to bring indigenous holistic methods to tribal jurisprudence. Among the topics will be the inherent power of tribal courts including appellate jurisdiction, balance of power within tribal governments, Indian Civil Rights Act, the use of custom and tradition and the importance of judicial ethics. A review of tribal court cases involving diverse subject matter will provide the students with a foundation of the complexity of issues between the tribal, state and federal jurisdictions.

Student Responsibility: All students must complete a 15-minute power point presentation germane to tribal courts and/or peacemaking principles; subject matter must be submitted for approval on or before March 6, 2017.

During the final three classes, each student must make an in-class presentation on his/her approved presentation topic and research findings to date. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL COMPLETED PRESENTATIONS IS April 10, 2017.