Sustainability: Practicum

The Sustainability Internship is a joint class between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Law School. It provides both law students and CAS students an opportunity to work on issues related to sustainability in one of several available placements in the local legal, government, business, or nonprofit community. Law students are placed in legal settings approved by the instructor, while CAS students are placed in a setting appropriate to their qualifications and interests. The instructor meets weekly with all students in a 2-hour class to discuss issues related to fostering sustainability through law and policy, including selected issues related to the students’ placements. Students are expected to work in their placements at least 10 hours per week and to develop a written product of at least moderate complexity and length during the internship experience.

This is a 4-credit course graded on a credit/no credit basis. Class participation, the written product, and feedback from your internship supervising attorney or mentor form the basis of the grade.

Enrollment is limited to five law students selected by the instructor based on a cover letter of interest and resume.  

After the student commits to a placement, the student may not drop the class.

Students shall not be compensated for work performed in connection with an Internship placement.