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“India is already touching our lives in more ways than most of us realize. In a very real sense, we already live on Planet India. No other country matters more to the future of our planet than India. There is no challenge we face, no opportunity where India does not have critical relevance. India is now a pivotal player.”
”“ Mira Kamdar, Planet India (2007)

From business leaders to economic and political analysts to heads of state, people around the globe have come to the same conclusion: India will be the next world power. That makes it the place where progressive, forward thinking institutions like Lewis & Clark Law School need to be—and it’s why our Law School community has put India at the center of exciting new plans within the Global Law Program.

The India Program is an innovative partnership with top Indian law schools, firms and NGOs. Adopted by the Law School’s Global Law Committee and supported by the Law School faculty, it is a key feature of Lewis & Clark’s Global Law Program. The collaboration has created first-of-their-kind legal and cultural exchanges.

The Memoranda of Understanding signed in 2010 with three top Indian Law Schools  established:

  • Professor exchanges and scholarly collaborations.  
  • Joint-international conferences in both India and Portland.
  • Student exchanges.

The relationships with partner firms, advocates and NGOs in India provide externship placements, thereby securing opportunities for Lewis & Clark students to have hands-on, for-credit experiences. These externships span a number of topics including business law, environmental law, human rights law, and animal rights law.

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