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Institutional Service

We thank our faculty, along with student representatives, for their service on the Law School and College Standing Committees.

Professional Service

Find out about service opportunities through the American Bar Association web page.

Find out about service opportunities through the Association of American Law School web page.

Find out about service opportunities through the Oregon State Bar web page.

Consulting and Legal Practices

Faculty may engage in occasional outside consulting or legal work, subject to the following rules outlined by the ABA, AALS, and Lewis & Clark:

American Bar Association —Standards for Approval of Law Schools and Interpretations 2015-16 — Chapter 4: Faculty

ABA Standards for Outside Practice/Consulting:

Interpretation 402-2:

Regularly engaging in law practice or having an ongoing relationship with a law firm or other business creates a presumption that a faculty member is not a full-time faculty member under this Standard.  This presumption may be rebutted if the law school is able to demonstrate that the individual has a full-time commitment to teaching, research, and public service, is available to students, and is able to participate in the governance of the law school to the same extent expected of full-time faculty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Standards for Outside Practice/Consulting – from the 2015 AALS Handbook — Chapter 6: Membership Requirements

Bylaw Section 6-4. Faculty

a. A member school shall attract and maintain a faculty of high competence and suitable size, with a sufficient number of full-time faculty members to provide ready professional relationships among the faculty and between the faculty and the students and to offer a reasonably broad curriculum. “Full-time faculty member” means a faculty member who devotes substantially the entire time to the responsibilities of teacher, scholar, and educator. Professional activities outside the law school are not precluded if limited so as not to divert the faculty member from the primary interest and duty as a legal educator.

Lewis & Clark Faculty Handbook
3.9.4 Compensated External Activities

Lewis & Clark faculty devote their time to teaching, scholarship, and professional service. Because of their expertise in various areas, they are from time to time invited to participate in externally compensated professional activities.

In order that such external activities are consistent with the College’s needs, the College has determined that Lewis & Clark faculty may devote the equivalent of no more than one day per week during the academic year to compensated activities outside the College over and above their normal responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and institutional service. Such activities should contribute to the professional development of the faculty member and should not conflict with Lewis & Clark responsibilities.

Faculty are required to provide a written description of the activity to be compensated, the employer, the duration of the activity, and the approximate number of hours per week to be devoted to the project.

 Review and approval of such external faculty activity shall be the responsibility of the dean of the relevant school.


What We’re Up To

Within the past year, members of our faculty participated in many community activities. A partial list is included here:

Service to Bar Associations includes work with:

ABA Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Section

OSB Board of Governors

OSB House of Delegates Member for Region 5/Multnomah County

OSB Drafting Task Force for Uniform Securities Act

OSB Intellectual Property Law Section

OSB Environmental & Natural Resources Section

OSB Consumer Law Section

OSB Estate Planning and Administration Section and Elder Law Section newsletter

OSB Litigation Section

OSB Constitutional Law Section Executive Committee

OSB Joint Bench/Bar Commission of Professionalism

OSB Legal Heritage Interest Group

OSB Affirmative Action Program

MBA Court Liaison Committee

MBA Professionalism Committee

Reviewing tax questions for the Oregon Bar Exam

Service in other ways as follows:

chair, Oregon’s Victim’s Rights Compliance Task Force

chair, AALS Natural Resources Section

create and maintain on-line blogs

volunteer, Between the Lines (prison outreach program)

member, American Law Institute’s Tax Advisory Board

member, ACLU Lawyer’s Committee

volunteer, Portland Farmers Market

board member, Friends of Tryon Creek

vice chair, Tryon Creek Watershed Council

president, Portland Baseball Group

volunteer, various local elementary schools

board member, Metropolitan Public Defender

appointed to Advisory Council of U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit

member, Oregon Women Lawyers

member, Center for Progressive Reform

mediator, Oregon Federal Court

chief justice, Grand Ronde Tribe Court of Appeals

board member, Tribal Leaders Forum

advisory member, Oregon Water Trust Board

board member, Workers’ Rights Board

member, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

member, Oregon Minority Lawyers Association

charter member, Portland Christian Legal Aid Organization

member, Litigation Committee at national level for Defenders of Wildlife

member, U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Oregon

member, Family Law Committee of the Law Society of Scotland

commissioner, Oregon Commission on Asian Affairs

chair, Finance Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon

member, Public Defense Diversity Task Force

member, National Advisory Committee of Environmental Protection Agency

arbitrator, Multnomah County and NASD

member, American Society of International Law

volunteer, Oregon Humane Society

board member, Edwards Center, a nonprofit serving developmentally disabled adults

member, Portland’s River Plan Committee

volunteer, Multnomah County Legal Aid

member AALS Minority Sections Group Executive Committee

volunteer, Food for the Hungry