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Faculty Advancement

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A full text of the Faculty Handbook is available here.


Faculty Promotional Action for 2019-20:

Pamella Frasch - Promotion


Faculty Promotional Action for 2018-19:

Jamie Saul — Indefinite Contract Review

Hadley Van Vactor-Kroll — Hiring Review 


Faculty Promotional Action for 2017-18:

Susan Felstiner— Indefinite Contract Review

Jim Oleske — Promotion to Full Professor

Ozan Varol — Promotion to Full Professor


Promotion Timelines for Tenure-Track Faculty

The Associate Dean of Faculty serves as chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee. Each year, the Associate Dean will consult with any tenure-track faculty in the “pipeline” to develop a timeline for that faculty’s promotional review process.

Timetable Summary:

If hired as Assistant Professor: promotion review to Associate in 3rd year of full-time service; tenure review during 5th or 6th year of full-time service; open to promotion to Professor at least one year after tenure (this move is open-ended)

If hired as Associate Professor: tenure review in 4th or 5th year of full-time service; promotion review to Professor at least one year after tenure. Cannot be promoted to Professor until tenure has been granted and then not in the same year

Promotion Timelines for Skills Faculty

In November of 2009, the faculty voted to establish a new review and promotion process for legal writing and analysis professors and clinical professors.  The Skills Faculty Review and Promotion Committee oversees the new process.

Assuming a skills faculty member is hired as an assistant professor, the new process contemplates reviews during the first, third, fifth and seventh years of full-time service.  A successful review during the third year of service results in a promotion to associate professor.  A successful review during the fifth year of service results in obtaining an indefinite contract.  A successful review during the seventh year of service results in promotion to full professor. In certain circumstances, the Dean and candidate may postpone consideration beyond the time period specified.

Faculty Development and Mentoring

The Associate Dean of Faculty works with new and junior faculty members to develop individualized faculty development plans. The plans include a process to obtain feedback, help, and advice on teaching and scholarship.

Conferences of Interest

The following links offer listings of off-campus conferences that may be of interest:

See what conferences are listed on the American Bar Association web page.

See what conferences are listed on the Association of American Law Schools web page.

See what national events are listed through Thomson Legal Events.

See what conferences are listed on the Academic Keys for Law web page.