Special Edition 2024

Animal Law Review is seeking student submissions to be published in Volume 30, Issue 2: A Special 2024 Spring Edition addressing topics related to the law and ethics of animal testing and experimentation. These student articles will be published alongside professional articles coordinated by Dr. Paul Locke and Rebecca Critser of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Interested students should submit an abstract and outline for a paper exploring laboratory animal law. Each of the three student winners will receive a $500 scholarship and become published authors. Submissions should discuss the proposed paper topic, how the author intends to approach the topic in a novel way, and include an outline of proposed headings and subheadings. We are looking for papers with a strong analysis of contemporary legal issues. Outlines must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with footnotes conforming to Bluebook citation standards. Please submit outlines as MS Word documents and include a separate cover sheet with the author’s name, article title, address, phone number, email address, school affiliation, and biographical information. To facilitate our anonymous review process, please ensure that your outline document includes onlyyour title as an identifier. Winning authors will be expected to complete their final draft, 20-30 pages long, by Dec. 15, 2023.

Suggested Student Topics Include:

  • Alternative model methods
  • Use of farmed animals in research and experimentation
  • Lab animal rehoming (what does life look like for animals who survive the laboratory?)
  • Who counts? (speciesism issues within the animal testing sphere)
  • Legal discussion of former NIH research chimpanzees still in holding
  • DOJ prosecution- Cambodian primate smuggling
  • Canada’s new ban on cosmetic animal testing
  • FDA Modernization Act 2.0
  • Class B Dealers- Pet Safety and Protection Act bill implications
  • Use of endangered species in research and experimentation
  • Implications of testing on animals for the benefit of animal health

Topics to Avoid (these will be covered by the professional articles) include:

  • The 3Rs
  • Common misconceptions about laboratory animal law (e.g. rats, mice and birds exemption)
  • Ethical considerations for using alternatives to animals in research and experimentation outside the U.S.
  • Litigation’s past, current, and potential role in addressing the use of animals in labs

Deadlines: September 15—Outline Due (Initial submission) | December 15—Final Draft Due (20-30 pages)

For consideration, email your outline submission no later than September 15, 2023 to rcritse1@jhu.edu.

Please contact info-animallaw@lclark.edu with paper topic or general contest questions.