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Volume 23 / Issue 2 / 2019


The Territorial Discrepancy Between Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Claims and Remedies

Marketa Trimble

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 501 (2019)

Equitable Estoppel and Information Costs In Contemporary Copyright

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 553 (2019)

The Filtration Problem in Copyright’s “Substantial Similarity” Infringement Test

Christopher Jon Sprigman & Samantha Fink Hedrick

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 571 (2019)

Improper Appropriation

Daniel Gervais

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 599 (2019)

Proving Infringement: Burdens of Proof in Copyright Infringement Litigation

Lydia Pallas Loren & Anthony Reese

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 621 (2019)


Notes and Comments

Mental Disability and the Executive: A Comparative Analysis of the Separation of Powers

Zachary Nelson

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 681 (2019)

The Transformative Potential of Digital Media & Technology on Class Actions

Caroline Desmond

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 747 (2019)


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