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Statutes, Regulations, Codes, and Government Documents

QuickLinks — The Major Sites and Places to Start
Legislative Information on the Internet.

Wealth of official, authenticated government information databases.

U.S. laws and regulations by subject, title and agency.

UMich Government Information
Central source for government information.

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

Find U.S. government publications
Links to all federal agencies.

An incredible source for statistical information.

The White House
Links to Presidential documents, administrative agencies and briefings/press releases.

U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate

Codes & Public Laws

United States Code 
• Popular Names Tool
• Table III Tool: Find where all acts were codified
• Classification Table: Find where recent acts are codified
• Non-beta version of the OLRC’s U.S.C.

United States Code (Cornell)
Use “Update” feature to search for recent changes to any found U.S.C. section.

United States Code (GPO Access)
Browse or search 1994 & current versions.

U.S. Statutes at Large (HeinOnline)
Full-text searchable images of every page of the Statutes at Large.

Public Laws (GPO Access)
104th Congress - present.
Search by keyword or use table of contents.

Public Laws (THOMAS)
93rd Congress - present.

Public Laws 1973-1998 (THOMAS)

Popular Names Table
Helpful for finding codified statute when you don’t have a cite, not as complete as tables in USCA or USCS.

Years and Session Dates of the U.S. Congress
Quick access to table matching dates to Congress number.

LLMC Digital - U.S. Statutes at Large
U.S. Statutes at Large Vol. 1 to 115.
Also: Laws of the U.S. 1789-1796, and Index to Federal Statutes 1874-1931

Regulations - CFR

e-CFR - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Regularly updated version of the CFR being tested by NARA. For official, pdf version use GPO Access link and update links, below.

Code of Federal Regulations (official version)
GPO Access
Search, Browse or Retrieve by Citation

Code of Federal Regulations (1935 - present)
Easiest way to find pre-1994 versions of the CFR

Update a Regulation (see if amended/repealed):

1. Check the Most Recent Month’s List of Sections Affected (LSA);
2. Check the Current List of CFR Parts Affected
3. If Affected, Retrieve the Regulation (search for page ####)

Regulations - Federal Register

Federal Register (1994 - Present)
The easiest way to retrieve Federal Register documents. Search, browse by date or find by content. Links provided to original documents in PDF format.

Federal Register (FDsys) (1994 - Present)

Federal Register (HeinOnline) (1936 - 2006)
Full images, with volume indexes, Executive Orders, the APA (1946), and the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.

Today’s Federal Register Table of Contents
With links to the full text.

Tomorrow’s Federal Register (NARA)
Preview regulatory documents that will appear in the next day’s Federal Register.

Federal e-Rulemaking Web Sites (NARA)
Federal agency web sites providing text of final and proposed rules, regulatory info.
Find, review, and comment on Federal documents published for comment in the Federal Register.

Federal Agencies and Decisions

Administrative Decisions by Agency 
From the University of Virginia. Also links to other actions such as FOIA and agency directives.

LLMC Digital - Agency Decisions

Digital library of images of U.S. & foreign legal documents. Fine source for U.S. federal agency decisions and executive documents .
• Title list

WashLaw Agency Index
Direct link to agency publications, opinions, manuals, libraries, and home pages. 
Government departments and agencies, along with official U.S. government search engine.

Finding Executive Orders & Proclamations

Search Federal Register (from 1994)
Choose year(s), type “executive order” AND keywords in search box, or “proclamation” AND keywords

Check Executive Order Disposition Tables 
Full-text from 1993, cites to EOs in Federal Register from 1937, Subject Indexes from 1993, Disposition (superseded, amended, revoked) of EOs from 1937 Executive Orders (current President only)
Full table of EOs, to search type executive order followed by keywords Proclamations (current president only)
Full table of Proclamations, to search type proclamation followed by keywords

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (from 1993)
Choose year, type “executive order” AND keywords in search box, or proclamation AND keywords in search box

Codification of EOs & Executive Proclamations (1945-1989)
Combined reference source for executive documents

Executive Orders file: (from 1980)
Public Papers of the Presidents file (EOs & Proclamations, etc., from 1979)

Pres Database: (EOs from 1936, Other docs from 1984)
WCPD Database: (Weekly Compilation of Pres Docs - from 1995) CFR Title 3 (1996 - current year)
Browse EOs and Proclamations


United States Constitution (Emory Subject Guide)
Links to annotated version, analysis and interpretation, court interpretations, drafting and ratification documents, and more.

The Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation (1992 version, plus the 1996 - 2010 supp.)

Cong. Research Service (CRS)
Annotated with overview, commentary, cases, law review articles. Also: tables of laws held unconstitutional, cases, index.

We Recommend These Versions:

Federal Legislative

Legislative Source Book
Law Librarian’s Society of Washington, D.C.
The hows, wheres, and whys of legislative research.
Single best source for recent U.S. legislative information. Links to bill texts, summaries and status; House and Senate roll call votes; public laws; major legislation; full-text of the Congressional Record from 1989 (Index from 1994); and much more.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1897)
American State Papers (1789-1838)
L&C subscription database. Full-text searchable images of the reports, documents, and journals of the U.S. Congress & Executive departments.

U.S. Legislative Histories (HeinOnline)
All the documents representing the legislative histories for a number of major U.S. acts. Searchable full-text pdf images.

U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates (1774-1873)
Search the debates of Congress in the Annals of Congress, the House and Senate Journals, and other historical sources.

Congressional Reports, Hearings and Documents; text of bills; and congressional pictorial directory.

U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate
Up-to-date information on congressional actions, committees and members. The House site also includes full-text of bills, resolutions and testimony.

Roll Call
Washington’s “hometown newspaper.” News, politics, policy and commentary.

On Politics
Washington Post

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Major Studies and Issue Briefs

CRS publishes over 3,000 studies and reports each year in its role as the research and analysis arm of the Library of Congress. Not all are available online for free. About CRS Reports.

CRS Reports in the Collections of the L&C Libraries 
Search for any reports located in the Boley Law Library or Watzek Library. Note: to access ALL CRS reports, major studies & issue briefs, see the microfiche collection in the Law Library, accessible via a print subject index.

Open CRS Reports
Center for Democracy & Technology
Searchable collection of CRS reports, with RSS Feeds
• All Recent Reports Mailing List
• All Recently Added (rss)


CRS Reports 
Thurgood Marshall Law Library
Browsable collection of select CRS reports in variety of subjects

Google Search for CRS Reports
Predefined search form, allowing you to search within all CRS reports indexed by Google.

Environment and Related Topics
National Library for the Environment

Foreign Policy and Regional Affairs
Federation of American Scientists

IP, Cyberlaw & E-Commerce Reports
Pierce Law Center IP Mall
Comprehensive collection, 1993 - present

Intelligence and Related Issues
Federation of American Scientists

Military and National Security
Federation of American Scientists

Nuclear, Chemical and Missile Weapons and Proliferation (Special Weapons Monitor)
Federation of American Scientists

Secrecy and Security
Federation of American Scientists

Speech, Privacy, Copyright, and Open Government
Center for Democracy & Technology

Federal Administrative

Our Administrative Law Page
Expanded administrative law links

Administrative Decisions by Agency (UVa)
Helpful site for hard-to-find Agency decisions.

LLMC Digital - Agency Decisions

Digital library of images of U.S. & foreign legal documents. Fine source for U.S. federal agency decisions and executive documents .
• Title list
Official Website for the U.S. Government.

U.S. Government Manual
Official handbook of the U.S. Government.

UMich Documents Center
Central reference source for all levels of government information.

Search forms and links to all manner of information disseminated by the Federal Government.

Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
Search the records of 41 Federal agencies/departments. What is GILS?

The White House
Biographical information and more, with press releases and briefings, Executive Orders, White House documents, and searchable transcripts of the President’s radio addresses.


Provides access to the statistics produced by over 70 agencies.

Statistical Resources on the Web (UMich) Incredible resource providing subject links to both government and private statistics available on the web.

State and County Quick Facts (US Census Bureau) — Handy reference to frequently-requested national, state and county census info.

State Government & Legislative Resources

Oregon Legal Research
Our comprehensive guide.

FindLaw: State Resources
State-by-state directories and online search form.

State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web
Links to guides for each state.

State and Local Government on the Net
Frequently updated (Piper Resources Guide).

Washlaw’s StateLaw

State Primary Materials

State Statutes on the Net (Cornell)

Administrative Codes and Registers
Links to individual state administrative rules and regulations from the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Uniform and Model Codes

Final Uniform & Model Acts, drafts and secondary material.

Uniform Commercial Code Locator (Cornell)
Text of UCC Articles 1-9, and links to corresponding state statutes. Note: Locators may not be as up to date as print Uniform Laws Annotated (KF165.A5).

Uniform Probate Code Locator (Cornell)

Uniform Rules of Evidence Locator (Cornell)

Uniform Matrimonial, Family, and Health Laws Locator (Cornell)

Uniform Business and Finance Laws Locator (Cornell)

Municipal Codes

Municipal Codes Web Library
LexisNexis Municipal Codes Publishing.

More Municipal Codes (Municode)