March 23, 2019

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Taking Back the Train

Author Name

Sarah Jett

Author Program

Ireland: Social Sciences

Program Semester and Year

Spring 2019

Student Major


In the United States, I have been on a train about two times. I just haven’t really thought of it as being a form of transportation to visit sights. Especially because where I live in California, the state is so long, so being on a train for a long time doesn’t really get you anywhere new. When I was coming to Ireland, I heard a lot from many people about how everyone takes the train places to go to far away places or even different countries. I got to experience the luxury and ease of this during my spring break adventures. I decided to not break the bank and travel all around seeing the gorgeous sights of Ireland. Since the island is not that big, I decided to take the train to all of my destinations. It was so easy and throughout my journeys, I noticed that there were so many people, locals, and tourists, using the train as well. Also, the student card is a lifesaver because it makes all of the trips on the train not that expensive.

All of the stations were pretty easy to manage and had lots of signs to help navigate through all of the passengers to make sure I was on the right path through the terminal and finally to the correct train car. When I finally found my seat I saw my name blinking above, which I thoroughly enjoyed. What I like about the trains are that they are very reliable because they have always been on time when I have gone to start my journey. Also, all of the train cars are very nice and clean and have wide open windows to see the lovely landscape of Ireland as you whiz by. My favorite train rides I have been on definitely has to be the train from the city of Cork to the small coastal town of Cobh. It was particularly beautiful because it went right by the ocean and the sun was going down when I caught the train back so the view from my window looked just like a postcard. I have now taken 8 trains since I have been in Dublin and I intend to take the trains two more times as I adventure to the both mountainous and beachy town of Sligo. I have loved taking the trains, it has made me feel more relaxed and comfortable way to travel.