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International Law

Dispute Settlement in Trade and Investment: Implications for the Environment with Distinguished Visitor, Professor Emeritus Donald M. McRae

Date: 12:00pm PST March 6, 2019 Location: McCarty Classroom Complex, Room 3

  • Professor Donald McRae, Distinguished Visitor

McCarty Classroom Complex, Room 3

Trade and investment disputes frequently concern environmental issues. Because both the WTO dispute settlement process and investment arbitration produce decisions that are binding, they can effectively make determinations about environmental issues. Drawing on experience in both trade and investment disputes dealing with environmental issues, Professor McRae will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment of environmental issues in these dispute settlement processes. Also, the processes are under current criticism and questions arise whether reforms to them will have a positive or negative effect on the way environmental issues are dealt with.  Finally, on the basis of his own experience, he will look at other types of dispute settlement mechanisms that also deal with environmental matters, specifically negotiation and conciliation.

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