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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

Jillian Hishaw: A Perspective from a Lawyer of Color on Diversity within the field of Agriculture

Date: 12:10pm - 1:10pm PST February 7 Location: Erskine B. Wood Hall, Room 8

Erskine B. Wood Hall, Room 8

Lewis & Clark Law School presents

A Perspective from a Lawyer of Color on Diversity within the field of Agriculture

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People of color have been marginalized in the areas of agriculture and natural resources for decades, and the practice of law is no exception. Agricultural justice issues often plague low-income communities of color more than any other demographic. Further, women comprise 17 percent of the principal operators of American farms, but the level of discrimination and harassment is still a challenge. Increasing opportunities for women lawyers and lawyers of color is key to ensuring the area of practice is reflective of the nearly 40 percent demographic that are the primary victims of agricultural justice issues. Despite the obstacles, the number of people of color and women shaping the US food and agricultural systems is increasing. As a lady lawyer of color with an LLM in agricultural law and 12 years of experience, Hishaw has a unique perspective of being a trendsetter in practice areas that are limited in diversity. Hishaw will discuss the experience that she had working in agriculture before she established her businesses out of necessity. She will also discuss the disparities in this area of law and advocacy and the lack of service providers in agricultural law and resolutions.


Jillian Hishaw Esq., is an Agricultural Attorney, Founder of F.A.R.M.S., and Author of Don’t Bet the Farm on Medicaid.  Hishaw is well-versed in the area of civil rights, agricultural policy and has been featured in O (Oprah) Magazine, The Atlantic, Vice News,, and more.  Hishaw is also a Contributor to the New Food Economy due to her recent article focused on hemp farming generating income at land-grant HBCU’s.  Hishaw is an innovative strategist in the areas of agriculture and asset protection; she was recognized by Civil Eats and the Clif Bar Co. as a “Food Industry Changemaker.”  With over twelve years of public sector experience, Hishaw is highly sought after by various industries for her expertise in the areas of agriculture, law, and strategy, allowing her work to span across the country.  Hishaw has published several law articles on agricultural and natural resource topics and has secured funding from companies i.e. Hallmark, the US Department of Agriculture, Allstate, Farm Aid, and Wholefoods.  Through F.A.R.M.S., a national nonprofit Hishaw founded five years ago, Hishaw has donated nearly 300,000 pounds of produce to hunger relief agencies in numerous states and has provided eldercare law services to aging landowners.  Hishaw has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Tuskegee University and a Law Degree and Legal Masters in Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. 

For more information about Hishaw please visit or Instagram: @agriculturallawyer @f.a.r.m.s 

This event is cosponsored by Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), Black Law Student Association (BLSA) Latinx Law Society (LLS), Minority Law Student Association (MLSA), Native American Law Student Association (NALSA), Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) and Students for Eliminating Environmental Discrimination (SEED).

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