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Small Business Legal Clinic

Building Trust Across Difference; Racial Realities and How They Impact the Attorney-Client Relationship

Date: 1:45pm - 4:55pm PST December 18, 2019 Location: Board of Trade Building (Room 433)

Board of Trade Building (Room 433)

Client-centered lawyering is only possible when trust has been built between the client and the attorney. Unfortunately, outside factors and factors within an attorney’s control but outside of their awareness can greatly impact a client’s feeling of trust and connection. This CLE will focus on race from historical, institutional and personal perspectives. Participants will better understand realities outside of their control and will be given tools to work on habits within their control.

The CLE has been approved for 3 Access to Justice CLE credits. The CLE costs $30. 

The invoice for the CLE can be found at:

Registration for this event is now closed.

Event Contact

Julieanna Elegant, SBLC Executive Director,, 503-768-6947.