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Student Bar Association

Hallow Hunt

Date: 6:00pm PDT October 31

As with so many other things, this year’s Halloween event has been shaken up to keep us all safe. This year we will be organizing a photo scavenger hunt around the downtown area that you can participate in with a team of up to 5 people. There will be prizes for best completion time and costumes, as well as an after party to celebrate the season! Your group may include people in your family or other immediate circle as long as at least one person in the group is a law or LLM student, but prizes can only be given out to L&C law/LLM students. Please register your group using this form by 11pm on October 29th.
There will be a virtual after party starting at 9PM. Prize winners will be announced during the after party!
Every team member MUST fill out this waiver to participate in the off-campus activity. If your team has minors on it, please use the signature of a parent.
Please see the rules for how the hunt will proceed.