Mindfulness and Meditation w/ Greg Asbury

Postponed due to ice/snow storm related issues. New start date will be Wednesday March 3rd.  RSVP required now please! Join Greg Asbury (husband of Judy Asbury (LAW)) for a six course series (30-45 minutes, once a week) on Mindfulness and Meditation.  Why should we meditate?  How can I set my own personal boundaries?  How can we all reduce stress while increasing our capacity? And much more! Session 1 - Introduction and Practice (prerequisite for other sessions) Session 2 - Cultivating your “Felt Sense” Session 3 - Setting your Personal Boundaries Session 4 - Your Personal Energy System and How it Connects to the World Session 5 - Using Meditation to Power Up your Resilience Session 6 - Integrating Energy Practices Those who commit to the six course series will maximize their outcomes through regular practice and the program’s linear skill building approach. Join every Wednesday beginning on 3/3 at Zoom Link