Coronavirus Information and Update: Fall 2021 Plans

Credit/No Credit Grade Request

This form serves as the request to the Registrar’s Office that you want to take a course on a credit/no credit basis. 

Only one course may be requested per form.

The Fall 2021 request deadline has now passed.

Spring 2022 request deadline is April 18, 2022


Students in the JD program may take two graded courses (maximum 6 total credits) as Credit/No Credit. The maximum of 2 graded classes and 6 total credits applies to your entire JD program. It is not per semester, or per year.

This option does not apply to any of the following graded courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law I, Constitutional Law II, Contracts I, Contracts II, Criminal Procedure I, Lawyering I, Lawyering II, Property, Torts, any course satisfying the Ethics graduation requirement, courses in which a student will write a Capstone paper, or Individual Research.

A course graded as Credit/No Credit under this option may not be used to satisfy any course requirements for a Certificate. A student choosing to take a graded course on a Credit/No Credit basis must elect to do so by the end of the last day of classes during the semester in which the student is taking the course

A student may petition the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to take any graded course on a Credit/No Credit basis. Such a request may be made at any time before the end of the exam period during the semester in which the student is taking the class(es). The Associate Dean for Student Affairs may grant such a request if the student is able to document that compelling personal circumstances exist. Please email the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to petition for this hardship option.

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