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Food Service Waiver Request (Law School)

The Lewis & Clark catering policy encourages, but does not require, use of Bon Appetit Food Service by all internal and external clients for catering of food in public spaces.

By completing the form below, I confirm the information I am providing in this Waiver Request is true and correct, and further certify I have consulted the USDA food and safety inspection service flier, 7 Food Safety Steps for Successful Community Meals (located in Event Forms) to help ensure safe preparation and handling of food at the event.

When completing the form, please be sure to fill in all the information, and in particular, include your Reservation Number (located on your room confirmation email) as this verifies that you have reserved on-campus space for your event.

If there are questions about the event, you will be contacted by Linda Lopeman, Events Coodinator at the Law School. 

If planning to serve alcohol (beer, wine, champagne) at an event, you must also complete and be approved for the Alcohol Use Approval Form in advance.

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