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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Helene Davis Visits the Crime Victim Litigation Clinic

March 18, 2011

This semester the Crime Victim Litigation Clinic class was fortunate to get an in-person visit from Helene Davis, founder of Mothers Against Murder and Assault (MAMA) and long-time NCVLI Board member.  Helene shared the story of losing her son to murder in 1989, giving the class a personal perspective on the painful realities of victimization and its aftermath.  Students and NCVLI staff listened to and were able to ask questions about Helene’s experiences with the trial of her son’s murderers and their subsequent incarceration and parole hearings over the years.  Everyone in attendance was deeply moved and appreciative of the unique opportunity to hear first-hand about why it is important to treat victims with dignity, fairness, and respect, as well as about the important difference the crime victims’ rights movement is making to improve the legal landscape for victims.

Helene’s experiences motivated her to become very active in the victim services and juvenile justice fields, and she is now recognized as a leading voice for crime victims.  Helene has contributed to the work of such entities as the federal Office for Victims of Crime in Washington, D.C. and served on the Commission on Juvenile Justice, Crime and Delinquency Prevention of the California Youth Authority.  Working with the Alameda County Probation Department, MAMA created a 10-week educational program for youth in custody to help them develop interpersonal skills for successfully re-entering the community and reducing recidivism.  Helene joined NCVLI’s Board at its founding in 2002. 


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